Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Blog Sabbath

Another landmark! With tonight's post, I completed the Book of Numbers, the fourth book of the Bible.

After I started on this project in July 2006, I managed only six entries before taking an unplanned 5 1/2 month hiatus. Okay, that was lame. But since I fired things back up again in February, I've been on task every Sunday night, pretty much just like clockwork. I've been happy about that.

Now, though, I think it's time for an official Michael Reads the Bible Blog Sabbath. I'm going to take November and December off from the project. I'll be back in the first week of January, we'll do some brief review, and then we'll start the new year in the fresh terrain of Deuteronomy.

Thanks to those few of you who are reading along as I go. I know that you are out there, and that makes the whole thing more fun and interesting for me.

Best, and see you in the new year,


gl. said...

well, i'm not susprised after you got through numbers that you want to take a break. surely you'll enjoy deuteronomy a bit more when you get back, though!

chuckdaddy said...

Shit, and I just got caught up.

Well, it's still going strong my friend, and I look forward to being full deuteronomized come January.

Oh, but I do think you should go back to your original questions- haven't seen those in a while. The Old Testament god is sounding very Republican to me thus far (pro-war, anti-other cultures, from Texas...) but am curious what you think.

Karin said...

Rest up. See ya back here in the New Year.

mark witteman said...

Thanks, Michael. Enjoy your quilting and Ducks football.

Hope Sullivan McMickle said...

It figures that just as I find your blog, you are taking a hiatus, but I guess it still leaves the door open for some vicarious exposure to the Good Book as I get caught up!